The conclusion of the first round of joint volunteer courses with the German organization

20 September 2021
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In confirmation of the Center’s keenness to enhance the position of the University of Technology in society and in support of our promising youth energies, in cooperation with the German giz organization and in coordination with the presidency of the University of Technology, the Center concluded a number of specialized scientific and engineering courses for a large number of engineers and technicians from various sectors of Iraqi society, including specialized engineering courses and technical courses courses in the fields of Metal welding technology and courses in CNC machine technology, as well as in automotive technology, electrical installations, refrigeration, air conditioning, carpentry, refrigerators and other disciplines. Repair of duplicating and printing devices and courses with modern turning machines.. At the end of the courses, the specialized staff of the German organization thanked the management of the center for the high level of training provided by the teaching and engineering staff to the center and the great support and unlimited cooperation that he found from the center and its management



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