The center's administration inspects the first-stage students inside the workshops

20 September 2021
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In the interest of the center’s management on the process of systematic practical training for students of the first stage of the university’s departments and in order to complete the process of continuous practical education that the center had given the lead over the rest of the university departments, the center’s management inspected for today represented by the assistant professor Dr. Wissam Hamid Alawi, director of the esteemed center and Dr. Ahmed Hekmat, director of laboratories Respected the process of practical training for students in the various workshops of the center and the process of distributing students to them. The workshops are for the privacy of the center and to get the maximum scientific and practical benefit from the workshops and the scientific curriculum for the training process, as well as the need to adhere to the instructions of the crisis cell from the continuous sterilization process and the need to constantly wear masks inside the workshops to maintain public safety.



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