Practical training is one of the most important elements in the university education system, especially in the engineering and technical field, which is what the Training and workshops Center have been doing since its establishment in 1960. It aims to provide and mix scientific and practical experience that qualifies our university graduates to achieve professional success. In making the future engineer so that they have a great and growing role in the economic development of our dear Iraq. The training center and laboratories are among the important centers in the University of Technology for its distinguished and effective role in training the students of the University of Technology and from all the disciplines of the scientific and engineering departments that are included in the university and Training and development courses and in all disciplines for all ministries, institutions and state departments to develop effective applied scientific capabilities by specialized and qualified cadres locally and globally, in addition to the availability of devices, equipment and machines related to these courses and the availability of modern programmed machines, in addition to continuous communication of cadres Engineering center with the technological development in the world. And great scientific breakthroughs have been achieved during the course of the center in the field of training by applying the updated scientific training curricula and modern machines and equipment. Everything that is new and useful for the engineers and technicians sector in the various departments of the state and according to the renewable scientific requirements. . We also emphasize the interest and continuous support that we receive from the respected President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, the insistence on developing the workshops to advance their scientific and training reality, and the determination to run productive engineering workshops within the goals that our university aspires to in order to activate the productive work of the university, and here we are Now it is the role of rehabilitating the plumbing workshop, and with God's help, we will rehabilitate the welding and blacksmithing workshops to develop the educational and training process. A service to our prestigious university and our dear country, which is in dire need of advancing the educational and teaching reality.

Prof. Wissam Hamid Aliwi

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