vision and objectives

The CenterVision

Training and development of students and workers in scientific and engineering fields.

The Center Message

Preparation of trained engineering staff in the fields of scientific and practical in {electricity, cars, mechanical operation, turning (refining, milling), metal works, filings, carpentry, welding, foundry}.

Objectives of the Center

To provide students with the basics of training knowledge in the scientific, practical and engineering fields, and to improve the abilities of the trainees in the direction of practical industrial engineering thinking and to increase the efficiency of students in the fields of scientific and engineering applications and to prepare qualified engineers to suit the responsibilities that await them in the workplace through the comprehensive vision for their role in the implementation of future development, in addition to the refinement of experimental work experience, the use of modern training techniques, the preparation of technical reports and skills to communicate with others and instilling the spirit of work through the work as a team spirit.Also, engage the students in advanced engineering training courses for raising the scientific efficiency and the use of the most technological equipment and modernity and the continuous development of scientific and training study plans to suit the needs of Iraq and the development of modern technology.


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