Workshop entitled (environmental pollutants and their negative effects on Sustainable Systems)

30 January 2024
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Under the patronage of the president of the Technological University, professor Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghabban The supervision of the assistant rector   for Scientific Affairs and graduate studies, professor  Dr. Khawla Salah Khashan Within the activities of the center, a workshop was held entitled (environmental pollutants and their negative effects on Sustainable Systems) And that's on Monday, 2024/1/29 on the Hall of the automotive division in our center Give the lecture to Dr.Hasanain Adnan Abdul Wahhab teaching at our center The lecture dealt with several topics, the most important of which are:- Give a general picture of the most important types of environmental pollution and sustainable strategies to reduce pollution and affect sustainable development and give a description of the most important solutions used .On the part of the director of the training department at our center, she spoke about the importance of the workshop in raising awareness of the importance of maintaining an environment free of environmental pollutants .


















































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