Workshop entitled (Reducing the phenomenon of drug abuse among young people)

07 January 2024
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Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghabban, president of the Technological University Within the activities of the training center and workshops, the center held a workshop entitled    (Reducing the phenomenon of drug abuse among young people) on Sunday, 31/12/2023، Dr. Tahani Mohammed Al-Shammari /Ministry of Health /Wasit health department delivered a lecture at the automotive  The workshop also included educational and psychological awareness for students to stay away from these poisons because of their devastating impact on civil and educational communities such as universities.division Hall at Ten in the morning Workshop recommendations: - paying attention to educating and training students on drug prevention, as it is a societal scourge that destroys society. - The need for the participation of  university professors in encouraging students to carry out technical and social activities concerned with awareness of the dangers of drugs and their prevention  .The director of the center also gave an educational speech to our students and urged them to play an effective role in community assessment and contribute to preventing the spread of this scourge. At the end of the workshop, a certificate of appreciation was awarded to the participating lecturer
























































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