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اجتمع الاستاذ الدكتور وسام حميد عليوي مدير مركز التدريب والمعامل يوم الاربعاء المصادف ٢١/٩/٢٠٢٢، بالكادر التدريسي ومسؤولي الشعب في مركزنا وناقش خلال الاجتماع اهم المشكلات والمعوقات التي تواجة كادر المركز والطلبة في بداية العام الدراسي مع وضع اليه تساعد ع تقديم المساعدة وتذليل الصعاب التي تواجة الطلبة اثناء العام الدراسي وشدد كذلك على بذل المزيد من الجهود خدمة للجامعتنا ولطلبتنا الاعزاء .












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To instill a love of science and learning in them and to inform them of the principles of engineering work, the administration of Al-Alamiya Private School accompanied its new buds to a scientific visit that included the various workshops of the training and workshops center  to plant a love of engineering work and learning in their young souls. The delegation of the school administration and students was received by Dr. Ahmed Hekmat, the respected Director of Training, who He accompanied them during their inspection tour and briefly explained to them the nature of the work of the center's workshops.












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In view of the great role represented by the Training and workshops Center in supplementing the training and educational process and the advanced technologies adopted by the Center to achieve this goal, 20 students from the Mechanical Department at the Institute for the Preparation of Technical Trainers from the Middle Technical University made a field and scientific visit to the Training and workshops Center at our university to learn about the available technologies At the center, the visit included the various workshops of the center, and they were received by the esteemed Director of Training, who welcomed them to the center.










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From the principle of joint cooperation between the different state institutions, a group of students of the Olive Professional Preparatory School for Boys / Plumbing Department made a scientific visit to the workshops of the training center and laboratories at the university, and specifically to the plumbing workshop. Which welcomed them all very welcome. 









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On a scientific visit to the workshops of the Training Center and Laboratories, Prof. Dr. Wissam Hamid Alawi, Director of the Training and workshops Center , received a delegation from the Arab Forum for Talents and Scientific Innovations Where the delegation was briefed on the level of modern machines and methods of training in the center's workshops and the scientific development in the field of practical training.










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