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Our good peoples .....
Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your skills and experience
Do you want to get real vocational training?
Are you waiting for an opportunity to learn a profession that will help you build your future?
This will be your biggest opportunity if you are from Baghdad governorate... and your age is between (18-35) years
Iraq Renewal Foundation will provide you with this opportunity
We invite you to register through the link below to participate in the vocational training courses held by our institution in cooperation with the University of Technology / Training Center and Laboratories and the German Agency for Development GIZ with the following specializations
1. Car maintenance, including (checking and maintaining nozzles, checking cars with a computer, general maintenance, cooling and air conditioning of cars).
2. Refrigeration and air conditioning for domestic refrigeration devices (Window and Split type A/C).
3. Maintenance of large printers
4. Maintenance of duplicating devices.
5. Installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras.
6. Making electrical installations for buildings.
7. General welding works.
8. Carpentry.
9. Turning.
10. Manufacture and plumbing of air conditioning ducts.

This is the link to register:

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In the interest of the center’s management on the process of systematic practical training for students of the first stage of the university’s departments and in order to complete the process of continuous practical education that the center had given the lead over the rest of the university departments, the center’s management inspected for today represented by the assistant professor Dr. Wissam Hamid Alawi, director of the esteemed center and Dr. Ahmed Hekmat, director of laboratories Respected the process of practical training for students in the various workshops of the center and the process of distributing students to them. The workshops are for the privacy of the center and to get the maximum scientific and practical benefit from the workshops and the scientific curriculum for the training process, as well as the need to adhere to the instructions of the crisis cell from the continuous sterilization process and the need to constantly wear masks inside the workshops to maintain public safety.



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In confirmation of the Center’s keenness to enhance the position of the University of Technology in society and in support of our promising youth energies, in cooperation with the German giz organization and in coordination with the presidency of the University of Technology, the Center concluded a number of specialized scientific and engineering courses for a large number of engineers and technicians from various sectors of Iraqi society, including specialized engineering courses and technical courses courses in the fields of Metal welding technology and courses in CNC machine technology, as well as in automotive technology, electrical installations, refrigeration, air conditioning, carpentry, refrigerators and other disciplines. Repair of duplicating and printing devices and courses with modern turning machines.. At the end of the courses, the specialized staff of the German organization thanked the management of the center for the high level of training provided by the teaching and engineering staff to the center and the great support and unlimited cooperation that he found from the center and its management



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Monday, 20 September 2021 12:48

thanks and appreciation

The President of the University of Technology, Professor Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, sends a letter of thanks and appreciation To the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Haider Abdel Dahoud, and the Director of the Training and workshops Center , Prof. Wissam Hamid Alaiwi, for their distinguished efforts in publishing scientific research within Clarivate containers.


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In a great and distinguished achievement added to the series of continuous achievements of the center and its teaching staff, the university order was issued to promote the assistant professor, Dr. Wissam Hamid Alawi, director of the esteemed center to the rank of professor, to become the first professor at the rank of professor to take over the management of the center at the university, thus adding great strength and endless support to the center and its teaching staff In particular.. It is mentioned that this outstanding achievement of Prof. Dr. Wissam Hamid was accomplished after fulfilling the conditions required to obtain this sober and high scientific degree from a large number of solid scientific research and distinguished achievements.. Thus, all the staff of the center, including teachers, engineers, technicians, and all the remaining cadre, extend their warmest congratulations to the professor. The director of the center, we wish him continued success and success

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