The Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies visits Training and workshops Center

23 September 2022
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The scientific assistant to the president of the university, Prof. Haider Abdel Dahad, visited the training and workshops center to inspect the process of registering new students for the first stage and the regularity of work in the center. The scientific assistant was received by the assistant professor, Dr. Wissam Hamid Alaiwi, director of the Training and workshops Center, and a number of the center’s teachers and trainers. The scientific assistant and the director of the center met the new students for the first stage inside the center’s workshops during the visit, and they were briefed on the process of guiding and introducing new students to the center’s working system. And the instructions that they are required to apply to complete the process of systematic training and public safety inside the center’s workshops, as well as explaining the training curriculum for the center’s workshops during this academic year. At the end of the visit, Prof. Dr. Haider Abdel Dahad, the scientific assistant to the university president, thanked the center’s management and teaching and training staff for the good organization and reception he found for the students. And the accuracy of the process of distributing them to the workshops, despite the increase in the number of admissions for students during this year.








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