Opportunity to train and improve your practical skills

20 September 2021
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Our good peoples .....
Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your skills and experience
Do you want to get real vocational training?
Are you waiting for an opportunity to learn a profession that will help you build your future?
This will be your biggest opportunity if you are from Baghdad governorate... and your age is between (18-35) years
Iraq Renewal Foundation will provide you with this opportunity
We invite you to register through the link below to participate in the vocational training courses held by our institution in cooperation with the University of Technology / Training Center and Laboratories and the German Agency for Development GIZ with the following specializations
1. Car maintenance, including (checking and maintaining nozzles, checking cars with a computer, general maintenance, cooling and air conditioning of cars).
2. Refrigeration and air conditioning for domestic refrigeration devices (Window and Split type A/C).
3. Maintenance of large printers
4. Maintenance of duplicating devices.
5. Installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras.
6. Making electrical installations for buildings.
7. General welding works.
8. Carpentry.
9. Turning.
10. Manufacture and plumbing of air conditioning ducts.

This is the link to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScF2ORZ4xBEAt-AFGpXJ6zsJ9otY34jLiymkazr5__A6xVEvQ/viewform

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