Promote the director of the training and workshops center to the rank of professor

20 September 2021
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In a great and distinguished achievement added to the series of continuous achievements of the center and its teaching staff, the university order was issued to promote the assistant professor, Dr. Wissam Hamid Alawi, director of the esteemed center to the rank of professor, to become the first professor at the rank of professor to take over the management of the center at the university, thus adding great strength and endless support to the center and its teaching staff In particular.. It is mentioned that this outstanding achievement of Prof. Dr. Wissam Hamid was accomplished after fulfilling the conditions required to obtain this sober and high scientific degree from a large number of solid scientific research and distinguished achievements.. Thus, all the staff of the center, including teachers, engineers, technicians, and all the remaining cadre, extend their warmest congratulations to the professor. The director of the center, we wish him continued success and success

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