The training and workshops center proceeding with the blended learning plan

20 September 2021
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 the Training and workshops Center received first-stage students and specialization students for the various departments of the university, after the recent ministerial instructions to resume blended education, and on the first day of the return of in-person practical training, the center witnessed a distinguished attendance of students with full adherence to health safety instructions.. Prof. Dr. Wissam Hamid, Director of the Center confirmed in the meeting Which was held today with the officials of the departments, workshops and units of the center on the need to apply the principles of public health and safety and the need to adhere to delivering the maximum scientific benefit to the trainee student, which can be considered a stable approach for the center and its advanced staff, which has been proven and with clear evidence of the success of the electronic training process and the tremendous efforts made by the presidency of the center And all the teaching, engineering and technical staff to reach the great results that have been achieved, which reflected the professionalism of the training and teaching process for the management of the center and all its advanced staffs.

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